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La Universidad de Louisiana tiene un programa de Teleconferencia dictado en español, dirigido a más de 25 Universidades de Latinoamérica. Está destinado a médicos radiólogos, posgrados y residentes, así como a clínicos de otras Especialidades en temas puntuales de interés.
Lista de Teleconferencias:

12 Abril: Hallazgos Imagenológicos de Cirrosis Hepática
10 Mayo: Imágenes difusi{on patología abdominal
14 Junio: Rol del Radiólogo manejo de la pancreatitis
12 Julio: Evaluación imagenológica del abdomen agudo
9 Agosto: Neumo TC para la caracterización del adenocarcinoma
13 Setiembre: Diagnóstico y estadificación del adenocarcinoma de páncreas
Horario de la actividad 18:00 hrs en Uruguay, 16:00 hrs Louisiana.
Hora local en Louisiana:

The International Teleconference Program is an international educational activity created and designed to provide up-to-date education in diagnostic imaging and image-guided interventions to Latin American and Caribbean radiologists and non-radiologists.

Program Objective: To promote continuous interactive education in radiology among participating Latin American and Caribbean Universities and LSU Health Shreveport.

Benefits: One of the benefits of these courses is easy accessibility. Lectures are given online and future students do not have to leave their countries in order to attend the classes and get an education. The courses are taught by professors who practice in some of the best universities in the United States of America and the classes are given in Spanish since most of the future students do not speak English. The lessons are given through the Internet and broadcasted using Webex Cisco software system.
An additional advantage is affordability. The cost of this software and classes is completely free for students; LSUHSC-S will absorb the costs.

Coordinators: The program has two types of coordinators, a general coordinator and a local coordinator in each offshore University. The general coordinator is responsible for establishing connections with different universities in Latin America. As well as organizing all lectures and providing a suitable professor, insuring the program fits the requirements and expectations of the prospective students.
The local coordinator is in charge of getting all the proper equipment (room, PC, projector, screen) for the residents and physicians (radiologists and non-radiologists) to take the classes.
The live online classes are given to all the universities at the same time every second Tuesday of the month from March through December.
Recognized professionals in different subspecialties of Radiology compose the International Teleconference Program’s faculty.

  • Faculty Members:
    Gory Ballester Ortiz, MD
    Cinzia Bartoletti, MD
    Sonia Betancourt Cuellar, MD
    Alberto Carbo, MD
    Horacio D’Agostino, MD
    Carlos Gimenez, MD
    Marta Gonzalez, MD
    Eduardo Gonzalez Toledo, MD, PhD
    Fernando Gutierrez, MD
    Diego Haberman, MD
    Joaquina Lopez Moras, MD
    Nelson Luraguiz, MD
    Santiago Martinez Jimenez, MD
    Marianne Orschel, MD
    Diana Palacio, MD
    Carlos Previgliano, MD
    Enrique Remartinez Escobar, MD
    Carlos Restrepo, MD
    Roy Riascos, MD
    Santiago Rossi, MD
    Guillermo Sangster, MD
    Alberto Simoncini, MD
    Jorge Soto, MD
    Daniel Vargas, MD


  • Participating Universities:
    1. Francisco Marroquin University. Guatemala, Guatemala.
    Local Coordinator: Francisco Arredondo, MD and Anabella Vargas, MD
    2. Mariano Galvez University. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.
    Local Coordinator: Jose Carlos Echeverria Solis, MD
    3. San Carlos University. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.
    Local Coordinator: Jose Carlos Echeverria Solis, MD
    4. National Autonomous University of Honduras. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
    Local Coordinator: Leonardo Lara Pinto, MD
    5. National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. Managua, Nicaragua.
    Local Coordinator: Julio Castillo, MD
    6. Unisanitas University. Bogota, Colombia.
    Local Coordinator: Juan Guillermo Trujillo, MD and Juan Mauricio
    Lozano, MD
    7. Republic University. Montevideo, Uruguay.
    Local Coordinator: Luis Dibarboure, MD and Alicia Stratta, MD
    8. Association of Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear
    Medicine of Salta. Salta, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Raul Lucero, MD and Dolores Barrios, MD
    9. National University of Tucuman. San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Luis Fajre, MD
    10. Society of Radiology, Imaging and Radiation Therapy of Tucuman. San Miguel
    de Tucuman, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Edith Tallia, MD, Alejandro Caceres Dodds, MD and Miguel
    Tortosa, MD
    11. Catholic University of Cuyo. San Juan, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Eduardo Orellano, MD
    12. National University of Rosario. Rosario and Santa Fe, Argentina.
    Local Coordinators: Mariela Stur, MD, Jose Maria Fadlala, MD and Claudio
    Galvez, MD
    13. National University of Cuyo. Mendoza, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Pedro Pablo Ariza, MD
    14. University of Mendoza. Mendoza, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Pedro Pablo Ariza, MD
    15. University of Aconcagua. Mendoza, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Alejandro Tempra, MD
    16. National University Arturo Jauretche. Florencio Varela, Argentina.
    Local Coordinators: Jose Bernal, MD and Enrique Mc Guire MD
    17. National University of La Plata. La Plata, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Raul Simonetto, MD and Osvaldo Spinelli, MD
    18. University of Buenos Aires. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Eduardo Garcia, MD and Huber Valdivia, MD
    19. FASTA University. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Carlos Capiel, MD, Sebastian Costantino, MD and
    Sebastian Rossini, MD
    20. Southern National University. Bahia Blanca, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Jorge Picorel, MD and Eduardo Gomez Gimenez, MD
    21. Colon Clinic. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Viviana Porto, MD
    22. Tacuarembo Hospital. Tacuarembo. Uruguay.
    Local Coordinator: Fernando Lando, MD
    23. COMEPA. Paysandu, Uruguay.
    Local Coordinator: Graciela Demichelis, MD, Eduardo De Benedetti, MD and
    Diego Fuemaux, MD
    24. Alfredo Vidal y Fuentes Hospital. Minas, Uruguay.
    Local Coordinator: Adriana Fernandez, MD and Walter Halegua, MD
    25. University of Costa Rica. San Jose, Costa Rica.
    Local Coordinator: Carlos Quiros Ortiz, MD and Sonia Nuñez Nuñez, MD
    26. University of Buenos Aires – TCba Salguero. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Diego Elias, MD, Patricia Farias, MD and Roberto
    Lambertini, MD
    27. National Cancer Institute. Montevideo, Uruguay.
    Local Coordinators: Carlos Brignoni, MD and Andrea Valles, MD
    28. Centro del Diagnostico. San Rafael, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Julio S. Echenique, MD
    29. Tornu Hospital. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Andres J. Vanrell, MD and Jose Maria Basilis, MD
    30. Fray Bentos Hospital. Fray Bentos, Uruguay.
    Local Coordinator: Paola Pinna, MD
    31. Luis Vernaza Hospital. Guayaquil, Ecuador.
    Local Coordinator: Pablo Landivar, MD, Jose Vergara, MD and Juan Carlos
    Lucin, MD
    32. Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon. Monterrey, Mexico.
    Local Coordinator: Guillermo Elizondo, MD, Salinas Chapa Matias, MD and
    Sanchez Falcon Mario, MD.
    33. Italiano Hospital. La Plata, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Jorge Giaccio, MD
    34. University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
    Local Coordinator: Gory Ballester Ortiz, MD, Gladys Perez Kraft, MD and
    Luisa Candelaria
    35. Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital. Havana, Cuba.
    Local Coordinator: Juan Carlos Rodriguez Vazquez, MD PhD, Aisa Peña
    Casanova, MD and Pedro Pablo Gonzalez Rojas, MD
    36. Diagnos. Tartagal, Argentina.
    Local Coordinator: Agustin Montes, MD
    37. Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago. Santiago, Dominican Republic.
    Local Coordinator: Jose Carlos Hernandez, MD, Monica Jimenez, MD, Perla
    Almonte, MD and Yasmell Rodriguez, MD
    38. Calderon Guardia Hospital. San Jose, Costa Rica.
    Local Coordinator: Esteban González, MD and Sebastian Calvo, MD